About CDS
Sandra S. Clarke
Contempo Designs by Sandra (CDS) is a fashion design and production

Each customer receives personalized service with one-on-one consultation with
Sandra, who drafts a visual version of the customer's request and then goes into
action to bring the customer's desire to fruition.
Sandra was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I. and spent her early years
growing up on the tropical island.  She later moved to Philadelphia, PA.
where she spent here middle years and learned that she had a natural talent
for drawing and a passion for sewing.

Sandra's natural talent was expanded in 1990 when she moved to NJ and
began her entrepreneurial career with a small home-based fashion designing
business.Sandra's natural talent was expanded in 1990 when she moved to
NJ and

Sandra re-entered the job market, but in 1996 she quickly returned  to her
true passion for fashion  designing and in March 2000, officially launched
Contempo Designs by Sandra

Sandra is the wife of Michael Clarke and we are the proud parents of 4
fabulous children; Vanessa, Alexsandra, Malcus, and Jahson.
A company where unique designs are the norm and duplicates are the
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"Black is Love!"