Prom Wear
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Fashion Tips
  • How to tie a 'Tie'
  • How to tie a 'Bow Tie'
Prom Planning/Checklist
  • Pre-Prom
  • Prom Partner Communications:
  • Prom Coordination (w/partner)
  • Prom Date/Time
  • Prom Attire/colors
  • Prom Accessories (e.g., Corsages)
  • Prom Transportation
  • Prom Day
  • Confirm Prom Pickup location and arrival/return times (night
  • Arrive early and;
  • Return on-time! (makes a great impression!)
  • Post-Prom
  • Dinner Reservations (at least 2 weeks in advance)
  • Reserve 'Clean' Transportation (unless no drinking by designated
    driver, secure 3rd party transportation)
  • Limo/Taxi/Uber
  • Return Partner home on-time! (makes a great impression!)
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vests !!!
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Prom Wear
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