CDS's Guarantee
Specializing in unique fashions for all occasions!
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All rights reserved.
30 Day No Risk
If you are not completely satisfied with our product/ service within 30
days of receipt, you may obtain a free tailoring session to provide the
appropriate adjustments.  (*Based on original signed agreement.)
Consultation & Maintenance
We want you to look your best.  To maintain your fashion as your body
changes, we will provide you with free consultation when you want your
CDS Design altered to fit 'reasonable' changes to your CDS
measurements on file.  
(Cost of alteration separate)
(*alterations are limited by amount of adjustment material available
within the original design of the garment.)
Please contact
for pricing,
and/or inquires
on items found
on this page or
on her
PROM gowns,
suits and/or
vests !!!
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