CDS Concierge Service
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for pricing,
and/or inquires
on items found
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PROM gowns,
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CDS provides concierge service as a special convenience to our clients who
prefer to have consultation, measurement, and fitting(s) performed in the
comfort of their own home.
Concierge Service:  (3 round-trips) (*local service only)
  • 1-round-trip to customer's location:
  • ** Initial consultation
  • 1-round-trip to customer's location:
  • *** Fitting
  • 1-round-trip to customer's location:
  • Delivery of garment(s)
* Local Service (e.g., Warren, Watchung, New Providence, Fanwood, Westfield,
Cranford, Scotch Plains, etc.).  
* Special arrangements may be available depending on circumstances.
* Please call to confirm if Concierge Service is available to your location.
** Please note:
1) Initial Concierge Trip Fee ($50.00) covers initial consultation and trip .  
2) Concierge Trip Fee(s) are
not included in the cost of the garment.

*** If any additional trips are needed there will be an additional Trip Fee for each
additional trip. (e.g., a second fitting is needed will incur additional Trip Fee(s)).